Our Team


Kiran Evans

Manager, Founder, Website Manager, Facebook Manager, Author

Joined on 24th May 2019

Hi, I’m Kiran. I co-founded Cloudburst with Will Rendall in 2019 with the goal of providing the world with a fresh platform where people are not afraid to express themselves. I like all kinds of music and everything Doctor Who!

Will Rendall

Founder, Head of Music, Instagram Manager, Author

Joined on 24th May 2019

Hi, I’m Will. I mainly like to write about my favourite bands: Oasis, Catfish and The Bottlemen, Two Door Cinema Club and The 1975, to name a few. Previously, I was the Programme Controller of a radio station, and am currently on a self-imposed exile in Wales.

Luke Ellis

Head of Film, Twitter Manager, Author

Joined 24th May 2019

Hi, I’m Luke. I’m a massive film geek and am currently building a shrine dedicated to my boy Alfonso Cuaron. I also enjoy listening to music on Spotify – think; 70’s rock, 80’s pop and 90’s big beat. I’ve just finished studying at Uni of Southampton and am presently trying to navigate my way through the transition of leaving education and actually having to get a proper job.


Jacky Chall


Joined 9th June 2020

I’m Jacky Chall, although you can just call me Jack. I am a massive lover of video games, film and internet culture. I am also a massive radio nerd and music fan. Follow me on all the socials @jackychall for more updates on my very average life.

Kenny Field


Joined 16th September 2019

I’m Kenny! I’m a serial Netflix-binger, writer and big time radio nerd. I like politics and comedy (the two seem to be more blurred nowadays) as well as Sci-Fi and ‘geek culture’. Video essays are my current obsession. Studying Natural Sciences at Uni of Southampton.

Harvey Rickatson


Joined 24th May 2019

Emily Sumpter


Joined 12th August 2019

Hi, I’m Emily, a Cloudburst author. I’m interested in a wide range of music, particularly alternative and indie, and I love discovering new artists at festivals and through Spotify. A devout Netflix enthusiast, I enjoy watching anything from true crime documentaries to classic comedies.

Leon Syla


Joined 17th September 2020

I’m a Film and Literature student at Warwick University. When I’m not reviewing the latest films or games, I DJ electronic music.