Cloudburst is an entertainment website that breaks the mould of entertainment websites. We are run by passionate people who have a lot to say about the things that they care about.

It is important to us that all of our authors are able to speak their mind without the fear of an editor changing all of their words or sponsors putting words in their mouths.

We strive to keep opinionated authors writing real reviews for us. No more stuffy old critics, it’s time for real people to get their opinions heard.


Cloudburst was founded on the 24th of May 2019 by friends Kiran Evans and Will Rendall while they were students at the University of Southampton. They had met through the University’s student radio station and had a shared passion for music and Doctor Who. Before Will graduated and Kiran left the University, they decided to start a new website where people could review music, TV, films and games without having to answer to sponsors or editors. They named Cloudburst after the Oasis song of the same name as they are both Oasis fans.