‘Ascension of the Cybermen’ – I’m Confused, But Intrigued

I’m actually pleased at how much they’re switching up for this series. This is storytelling like we’ve never seen in Doctor Who before. That doesn’t mean it’s better, it just means it’s different.

The Good


I really like how they’re telling the backstory of presumably the character that will change everything. It’s a really nice way to break up the episode and adds mystery without heavy exposition. Why has it taken so long for this quality of writing to be obtained?

Ashad is a really interesting Cyberman. I like his character as it’s the first Cyberman we’ve seen taking action based on feelings. I love the human moments he has. They add spice to this otherwise plain flour of a plot device.

I’m interested to see where Graham’s relationship with this woman goes. It’s the first actual chemistry between two characters we’ve seen since Chibberino took the reins. I would love to see Graham move on from Grace and actually find happiness again. She’s probably gonna die in Episode 10, though, let’s be real.

The Bad


With the one exception above, there are still far too many characters in this episode. The Chibbler really likes to spread his characterisation thin across as many people as he can, whether it’s BENNY! or just too many companions in the TARDIS in the first place.

Secondly, the Doctor is completely remorseless in this episode. Mind you, so are the rest of the characters. Graham completely forgets about Ryan until Yaz points out that he’s been left behind. Also, the young lad who loses his brother doesn’t even change his manner when his younger brother dies in front of him – the Doctor is just like “come on, we’ve gotta go” and he just… does. He must’ve really loved him.

The Cybermen


I really don’t like how the new Cybermen look. I know I say this every time the Cybermen are redesigned, but they honestly look more like life-sized dolls than intimidating, metal humans. All I’m saying is that if one of them threatened me, I’d just laugh.

Who’s idea was it – actually, I don’t need to ask that, do I? – to have detached Cyberman heads flying around and call them ‘Cyberdrones’? They’re just heads! They didn’t even make an attempt to design something new like the ‘Cybermat’ and the ‘Cybermite’. We’ve just been given a blob of sentient quicksilver and some flying decapitated heads.

Featured image copyright BBC.

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