‘Parasite’ – A Mind-blowing Experience

This film has been on my list ever since it started making noise towards the end of last year. I have nothing against foreign films and I’ve even enjoyed a few that I’ve stumbled across in my own time. What I didn’t realise was that South Korea had such a solid film industry. ‘Parasite’ is such a high quality film that it could have been made in Hollywood.

You shouldn’t know anything about the plot going into this film, so I won’t be revealing anything in this review.

The Writing

Barunson E&A

To say this film is well written does not do it justice. It has a very solid storyline, fantastic dialogue and, most importantly, never once gets boring or predictable. Right until the end, I was guessing what could happen next and I was still surprised.

It’s not all just twists, though. As we can see from such films as ‘Now You See Me’, pulling a twist from out of the blue ruins the film. ‘Parasite’ takes several twists and turns, but they all fit into the film and, while surprising, don’t feel out of place. If anyone asks me, in future, “How do you do a twist well?”, this film is where I will point them.

The Performances

Barunson E&A

My God this was well cast. Every single performance was worthy of award. I was convinced, throughout, that these people actually exist. There is such great chemistry between the characters and nobody feels out of place or sticks out.

I think the actors should have won some awards for their performances. They completely blew me away and have given me no choice but to explore the Korean film industry.

The Cinematography

Barunson E&A

Wow. Not only did this film have great writing and performances, it was also incredible to look at. The set pieces, the camera work and the lighting. They all suckered me into the world of ‘Parasite’.

It’s easy enough to make a good story with very basic cinematography, but when you have visuals on this level, it immerses you on another level. I would recommend seeing this film just based on the visual experience.

Should I See It?

F**k yes. I’m so glad this won Best Picture. It really breaks the mould of ‘Oscar Bait’, in so many ways, and the language barrier doesn’t feel like a barrier because the characters are so relatable. Go and see this film.

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