‘Can You Hear Me?’ – I Don’t Know What To Think Anymore

I’ve been debating writing this post for a few days. Usually, I like to post my Doctor Who reviews 24 hours after the episode airs. This one, however, completely changed my attitude towards the show.

I can’t tell if this was great, terrible or just plain stupid.

The Good


The dialogue was much, much improved in this episode. As far as dialogue goes, this is the best that I have heard in any Chibbisode.

It was so satisfying to finally see depth in the characters. Yaz (remember her?) has a backstory. I know! She actually has substance! Graham remembers he had cancer again and Ryan talks his friend into getting help for his mental health issues. This was very good.

The sets were amazing, and the CGI was very, very good (especially for a BBC TV series).

And that’s about it.

The Bad


Despite the incredible budget for the CGI and sets, the director was obviously asleep for this episode. The camera work was so boring and very standard. None of the amazing set pieces were used creatively and it felt like a real waste. It’s like the BBC have almost got it spot on. They’re just missing some creative flare.

The Fingers


Chibnall never ceases to amaze me with the weird and stupid ideas he comes up with for this show. Whether it be a sun that’s alive and possesses people, deadly bubble-wrap or an alternate universe manifesting as a frog, I have to hand it the Chib: he’s got a great sense of humour. Well, he would if any of that stuff was ironic.

Next up on Chib’s Weird Ideas List: detachable fingers that give people wet willies and suck their nightmares out from their brains.

What is even happening any more? Am I going insane or has the BBC just completely given up on making this show creditable?

Featured image copyright BBC.

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