‘Praxeus’ – A Step Backwards for Doctor Who


What a shame. I know it was naive of me to get my hopes up for the future of Doctor Who, but I’m still disappointed.

The Good


I really enjoyed the dialogue in this episode. It didn’t feel cringey or like anyone had vomited their lines into the microphone… so that was a nice change. Jodie was still incredibly annoying. To be honest, at this point, I am only left with the conclusion that she is poorly cast.

The Bad


This whole thing turned out to be an environmental preach. Just like ‘Arachnids in the UK’ and ‘Orphan 55’. I think Chibbly Wibbly has a stiffy for the ecosystem. An ecostiffy.

Also, what’s his obsession with stuffing every episode with so many characters that we’re apparently supposed to care about. He did it in earlier series (look at Series 3’s ’42’), he did it in Torchwood and now he’s running the show. These characters are often empty, flat and boring. For example, the young girl who couldn’t hold an accent was supposed to be a ‘vlogger’, yet she doesn’t vlog once in the entire episode. At least Graham remembered he had cancer, though, right?

The Meh


Perhaps the worst part about this episode is that it wasn’t particularly good or particularly bad. It was just fine. It was an okay episode. It feels like such a waste of time and really takes me back to Series 11.

The last thing I wanted for Doctor Who was for me to no longer be interested. I’d rather hate the show than simply be bored and fed-up. If this series isn’t significantly exciting by the end, I think it’ll be my last.

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  1. It reminded me a bit of the X-Files back in the day. This was a post-huge episode one where things just go back to the status quo and no one mentions the big s*** that hit the fan last week. It felt oddly out of place and I suspect we won’t hear anything about the Master, Cybermen, Dr Ruth, or Gallifrey until the season finale.

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