‘Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror’ – The Final Nail in the Coffin

It saddens me to say that, after watching this episode, I came to the realisation that I no longer enjoy Doctor Who. Perhaps I’ve just outgrown it, or perhaps the writing standards just aren’t up to what they used to be. All I know is that, after this episode, I thought to myself that I’d be relieved if Doctor Who got cancelled.

The Good

It’s not all bad. I still love the cinematography. It wasn’t particularly creative in this episode, and there was some poor direction, but it was still of a higher quality than we’ve seen in previous series.

Goran Višnjić was well cast as Tesla. He was the only person that delivered an interesting and genuine performance.


The Bad

Oh, wow. Where do I begin? To be honest, at this point, I’m considering just leaving Doctor Who and never touching it again. There are so many great TV shows out there and Doctor Who just doesn’t live up to the standards of what’s available elsewhere. I really don’t want to lose the BBC, but if this is their answer to things like ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Umbrella Academy’ and ‘Jessica Jones’, then there is no hope for the future.

The performances – with the exception of the aforementioned – were severely lacking in this episode. Jodie had some moments where she seemed a bit more ‘Doctor-ish’, but there wasn’t enough. The companions were totally useless. They’re just dead weight that the Doctor is dragging around. All they do is sometimes speak and hold things for the Doctor. Absolutely pointless. Even Series 11 showed more interesting sides to the companions.


The score is a bore. I was really hoping they’d introduce some themes or recognisable motifs, but no. It’s all just generic music again. I miss you, Murray Gold.

The Stupid

Electric scorpions with skulls for heads. Pointless. God, give me strength.

Featured image copyright BBC.

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