‘Spyfall Part Two’ – A Glimmer of Potential

Having had a day to absorb it, I think I’m ready to talk about the conclusion to Series 12’s opening story. Overall, I don’t think it’ll go down in the history books. It’s just another Chibbisode… with a few exceptions.

Over the past few years, I’ve become increasingly sad whilst watching Doctor Who and getting nostalgic for the show that I loved when I was a kid. Of course, times change and so does Doctor Who. I find myself having to remind people that it’s had worse periods. Heck, it even got completely cancelled but then revived a few years later. Maybe Doctor Who will be cancelled again. Maybe it’ll be revived and be a storming success again one day. Who knows? All I know is that I’m going to watch it regardless.

When you watch a show with that attitude, you either give up hope entirely or are so desperate to find something positive that you throw all your expectations out the window. Last night, I was the latter. I love Doctor Who and I desperately want it to be as good as it was in the late noughties again. That’s why the few redeeming factors of Series 12 so far have got me excited for the show’s future.

The Good

I am still very much impressed with the production values. The cinematography is the best it has ever been. There is no denying that it is beautiful to look at. I’m loving what they’re doing with the lighting and the camera work. Please don’t dull it down for the coming episodes.


I still think the score is a major improvement on last series. It actually creates feeling and has relevance to what is happening. I can even spot a few themes hopefully being established. It’s not just bog-standard incidental music any more, and it’s a breath of fresh air.

Also, a first for the Chibb, we got a satisfying ending. Not all the loose ends were tied, but Babby Chibby is just taking his first steps. He’s managed to make an ending meaningful – rather than just running away from the script screaming “…AND IT ALL TURNS OUT FINE IN THE END!” Maybe when he gets a bit better, he’ll be able to properly conclude a story… maybe.

The Doctor has an opportunity to become someone in this series. With the reveal of Gallifrey being destroyed at the Master’s hand, we see a glimpse of emotion in the aggressively neutral eyes of Whittaker’s ‘Thirteen’. I fully believe that Thirteen is the timelord known as ‘The Doctor’, but I don’t believe that Jodie has captured the essence of what it means to be the Doctor… yet.

The Bad

It’s a real shame that I feel like I’m repeating myself with the bad points. At least we know what we need to fix, eh?


Poor casting on the front lines. I honestly think Jodie Whittaker was not the right choice for the role, now. I put up with her in Series 11 thinking “she’ll improve in her next one”, but I’m now convinced that she shouldn’t be here. The same goes with Sacha Dhawan. He fails to hit the marks with the Master too many times. There are glimpses there where I believe he could play the character, but not enough. He over-acts and doesn’t have the dark, insane character of all the previous Masters. He’s just generically evil. Boring.

Again, unnecessary complication and a waste of potential and time. The interdimensional creatures known as Kasaavin were completely unnecessary to the story. You could easily have had the Master be the one in control of all the technology in the world, with Daniel Barton as his protégé, or minion. He did it before. Remember the Archangel Network? He is more than capable of creating world-dominating systems. No need for the Kasaavin.

The Misogynistic

I never thought I’d see misogyny in modern Doctor Who. I’m not talking about misogyny being dealt with, that’s good, that’s raising awareness and proving a damn point. In ‘Spyfall Part Two’, the Master gets the Doctor to kneal. You know, like Hot Priest in Fleabag? It all felt a bit rapey and I was not comfortable watching it.


What kind of weird fantasies have you got going on in your head, Chibb? And why did Jodie Whittaker agree to that? Mind you, she just seems to do what she’s told. Not a great trait for someone who is suppose to “break the glass ceiling”. You can’t be the first female Doctor and then be useless and practically genderless (with the exception of the odd throwaway line to remind us you’re female). Use. It.

This whole tone kind of undermined having these female figures of history being celebrated in this episode. We can’t have a woman in the spotlight unless another one kneals to a man in sacrifice, can we? *shudders*


  1. I’m not a huge fan of the Chibnall era myself. I feel like an old school fan I met at a Whomobile back when McCoy took over and quizzed McCoy about the quality of the scripts and were they better than they had been. I also feel like Whitacker hasn’t really made the part hers yet, instead giving us her doing a take on Tennant at his most maniac. (I prefer Tennant when he’s got an edge of darkness to his Doctor) So, I guess I’m with you…:)

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