Labrinth – ‘Imagination & the Misfit Kid’ – Album Review

I take a listen to Labrinth’s new album and review it track-by-track.

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1. Imagination

Clearly still in the same headspace as he was for the Euphoria soundtrack, this short song is a great intro into the album. Its warm chords and calm vocals take you to a place in the clouds – but not the clouds of the sky, the clouds of your mind; your imagination.

2. Misbehaving – The Misfit Version

This is such a funky tune. I love this. It’s such a good blend of the electronic, perfect drums and synth and the more-human sounds from Labrinth. Then, about half-way in, it combines them both with a catchy talkbox riff. The addition of the piano to calm things down really adds colour to this song. I think this song perfectly demonstrates Labrinth’s ability to make any sound into a catchy riff and that he’s not afraid to experiment.

3. Miracle

Right from the get-go, I am in love with this song. This sounds like one that’s going to chart. It’s a lot more pop-esque and what we’re used to hearing from Labrinth. However, the quality of production is so much higher than most of his previous chart hits. Good grief, this is so good to hear. Not only is Labrinth back, but he has upgraded!

4. Juju Woman

Typically, you’d expect a great song to be followed by a naff one. ‘Juju Woman’ is only 48 seconds long but it perfectly supplements the next song.

5. Dotted line / Juju Man

This song completely took me off guard. This is my favourite one so far! I can also see this one charting. It’s clear to me, at this point, that Labrinth is taking a lot of his inspiration from funkadelics this year. Similar in sound to Childish Gambino’s Redbone but with the added electronic sounds of Labrinth and underground London music styles.

6. All For Us ft. Zendaya

Even if you haven’t seen Euphoria, you’ve probably heard this song already. I cannot express how groundbreaking this song is. It’s so unconventional, very much like the show. I love this song so much. Labrinth clearly poured his creative heart into this and it is just so good! I can’t get enough of this. Zendaya’s vocals are also absolutely stunning and the duet between her and Labrinth works so well. I would not be surprised if they collaborated again in the future, outside of the TV show.

7. The Producer

I don’t know how to feel about this song. I can’t help but nod my head to it. There’s absolutely no doubt that it is catchy, funky and danceable. However, it’s not one that I’m going to be listening to on repeat. It’s not that I dislike it, I just don’t think I’d be able to remember it a week from now.

8. Something’s Got To Give

Another upbeat one. This one is definitely going to chart. I am going to be disappointed if less than 5 songs from this album don’t make it into the chart. This one is so fun and funky. This is the one that’s going to get stuck in my head for weeks. Sorry, Track 5, this is my new favourite.

9. I’m Blessed

This sounds like something Labrinth recorded at the last minute when he realised he didn’t have the 15th track as required by his contract. Forget!

10. Like A Movie

Okay, at this point, I’m getting tired of Labrinth doing these weird voices and pretending to be new characters saying these really random lines. This song opens with “Be careful what you wish for, son. You may wake up and, one day, you’ll f***ing get it.” That’s fine, but when you do it in a weird, monotonous voice it just sounds corny. This whole song is dumb. Skip!

11. Sexy MF

Oh no. I was beginning to like this album. Now I’ve just lost my patience. This is another pointlessly joyous one that sounds so rushed. Skip!

12. Where The Wild Things

Labrinth is such a great singer. In this song, he really pushes his vocal range and pulls it off! This song could also fit right into the Euphoria soundtrack. It’s a bit more lyrical than any of the soundtrack for that show, though. It’s certainly more suited to the radio listener… and that’s me! I really like this song. It seems he’s just clutched victory from the jaws of defeat.

13. Mount Everest

I heard this song when it was released as a single earlier this year. It’s been stuck in my head ever since. Until this album was released, I genuinely thought that it was part of the Euphoria soundtrack. I know I keep referring to that show, but I would recommend listening to both albums. Labrinth basically made two albums within the same headspace and one was used for a TV show. I really like this song. Go and listen!

14. The Finale

A short transition thingy into the last song of the album. Another dumb spoken line. Not worth it.

15. Oblivion ft. Sia

After this song had such a big build-up from ‘The Finale’, I was expecting something a bit more impressive. ‘Oblivion’ is okay, but it’s a bit boring, to be honest. I’m not going to be listening to this very often unless it gets some sort of remix. A disappointing end.

Overall, I am impressed with how far Labrinth has come since Electronic Earth. He is still incredibly talented and does not shy away from exploring other creative ideas. That is something that I really admire about him. Sure, some of his stuff isn’t to my taste, but Labrinth isn’t writing music for me. He’s making music for himself and expressing himself creatively. That is exactly what all good artists have ever done and I am, once again, a little ticked off that Labrinth is so underrated.

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