‘Euphoria’ – Dangerously Good TV

I am blown away by this show, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s not what you’re thinking. Read my review of ‘Euphoria’ here! (Spoiler free!)

This is the weirdest show I have ever seen. I have no idea how to convey what I felt while watching this show, but here goes.

The first thing that struck me was the visuals and cinematography. It has been a very long time since I’ve seen a TV show being this creative with lighting and camera work. I absolutely love this show for its gorgeous visuals, mostly because they contain my favourite palette of blues and purples.

Copyright HBO.

Coupled with the amazing visuals is an astounding soundtrack by one of my favourite artists of all time, Labrinth. I am so happy that they got him to do the soundtrack of this film because it is so good! I haven’t been this excited for a soundtrack since Black Panther. Even if you don’t watch the show, there is a good chance that you’ll hear the music and that you’ll fall in love with it, as I did. Who knew Labrinth could do grime, electronic, acoustic and musical scores? Brilliant.

Now, let’s talk about the show itself. Disregarding how f*cking confusing the whole thing is, it is actually really well written. One of the things I liked most about how the show plays out is that it’s not in chronological order. Each episode (of which, there are 8) has scenes from different points in the timeline that all link together. It’s a bit Tarantino-esque, in that regard.

The whole show centres around the protagonist, Rue, and her battle with drug addiction. And, my God, does this show do that well. It really conveys the topic of drug use perfectly. I don’t think that’s an overstatement. It shows the whole story of drug use: from why people do them in the first place, to the what it’s like when you’re on them, to the consequences of doing them.

Copyright HBO.

It also, in my opinion, shows this side of today’s generation very accurately. Of course, there is more to the lives of young people in 2019, but this particular aspect of their lives is portrayed very honestly. Zendaya’s performance was a massive factor in that. She plays Rue so well; it’s like the role was written for her. It was great to see her doing something more serious and mature and to finally see her full range. My respect for her has grown massively because she really displays her acting talent in this show. The other cast members were also very well placed and there was no weak acting in the whole season.

Unfortunately, the convincing performances and graphic content make this show very hard to watch for a large proportion of its runtime. It really feels real. It does this all so well that the show is really, really good but in such an amazingly weird and confusing and baffling way that I would not recommend it to anyone because I am perplexed and amazed but I hate it at the same time. The show is like the drugs it portrays.

Featured image copyright HBO.

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