Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

Enjoyable, but not fantastic. Read my full take on the Spider-Man film from the aftermath of Endgame. (Contains lots of spoilers!)

Yesterday, I saw the second standalone Spider-Man film in the MCU. I enjoyed it very much and there were a couple of moments that stuck with me. However, it is still just another MCU film and I don’t doubt that I’ll be forgetting it in a year or two.

The Good

Firstly, my God, the visuals were amazing! All of the illusions created by Mysterio were absolutely insane. I dread to think the amount of work the VFX artists were put under to achieve what they did in this film.

Copyright Marvel.

There was a particular sequence that stuck with me which is where Iron Man climbs out of his grave and you can see the skull of Tony Stark through the damaged helmet. Not only was it visually amazing, but it was also terrifying! I am delighted that Marvel are edging towards more mature content on the big screen. Having had a little teaser in the Infinity War / Endgame saga, and now this, I’m looking forward to the new Doctor Strange series which is rumoured to be a lot more adult-suited.

Secondly, I was glad to see a bit more character from MJ. In the last film, she was just kind of… there. In this one, though, she was the cause of motivation for Peter Parker and we got to learn more about her.

Thirdly, the pace was actually quite good. I feel, in Marvel films in particular, that I get bored very quickly when you’re watching essentially an hour and a half of CGI monsters and heroes punching each other. This film had no shortage of that, but it gave a lot of screen time to funny and lovable characters. Especially Happy and “Nick Fury” 😉.

Finally, I just want to thank Marvel for their fan service by getting the original J. Jonah Jameson from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films to play the exact same character. I love you 3000.

The Bad

As I mentioned, briefly, in the opening to this review, I feel like I’m going to forget this film in a year or two. It’s rare that Marvel films stick with me. I think it’s because the majority of them are full of pretty hollow characters and they are more focused on telling a fairytale filled with super-powered CGI “people” than creating engaging, meaningful stories. As I write this, I’m trying to think of an exception, but I genuinely can’t think of an MCU film that has meaningful, original character writing.

Copyright Marvel.

As much as I love Jake Gyllenhaal, I have to say that his character was a bit of a disappointment. Like most MCU villains, he had some really good moments and I think that he was well cast to play an evil character. However, his motivations were a bit dumb. Okay, I admit that this is a film based on comic books, but there are some brilliant comic book films out there which have emotional value and strongly motivated characters. Just look at The Dark Knight or Spider-Man (2003).

The Creepy

Please stop sexualising children. Thanks.

Overall, I liked this film. I would recommend it to my friends, but I wouldn’t put it on a list of great superhero films.

Finally, I am now wondering what’s going to happen with Spider-Man in the future of the MCU. I’m pretty sure they’ve made / are working on a third Spider-Man film but, in terms of the character appearing in the future, it looks like Sony are going to snatch him back and absorb him into their always-awful live-action Spideyverse.

Featured image Copyright Marvel.

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