Lewis Capaldi – ‘Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent’ – Album Review

After taking some time to appreciate his brilliance, I finally review Lewis Capaldi’s debut album. Proof that there is still good music being made!

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1. Grace

I simply cannot put into words how incredible this man’s voice is. Lewis Capaldi might have my favourite voice of any singer ever. This song is a good example of how, even when the song is meant for a pop audience, his voice does not fail to impress.

2. Bruises

Just a piano and an incredible voice. It’s so refreshing to hear someone incredibly talented actually make it into the charts without seventeen writers and producers. No doubt, there’s a team of people there to make this man’s voice sound top-notch, but this way I can really appreciate the talent because it’s not being drowned out by a drum machine and backing singers.

3. Hold Me While You Wait

At this point, I’m just considering not writing the rest of this review and telling everyone to just go and buy this album. This tune is, once again, all Capaldi (I believe). Despite all the songs so far being pretty similar – in the sense that it’s Lewis Capaldi’s powerful voice singing about emotional hurt – I’m not getting bored. This is rare. What a gem this album is.

4. Someone You Loved

Ah, yes. This is the very song that introduced me to Lewis Capaldi. Mostly because I saw his cousin, the Twelfth Doctor, on the thumbnail of the music video on YouTube. I was not disappointed in the slightest. Lewis Capaldi is such an incredible singer and Peter Capaldi is an amazing actor. The two put together create such a powerful music video that I genuinely cried while watching it.

Of course, you can interpret these lyrics as you like, but the music video for this song was so perfectly planned that that is what is going to stick in my mind every time I hear this. This one, I will remember.

5. Maybe

Immediately, this song sounds a bit more upbeat and slightly more optimistic. Good God, I love this album. Once again, it’s something different and it’s not repetitive. I find it really hard to write about and give opinions on things that I love so much. I just can’t express how good this album is. How am I going to make it to Track 12?!

6. Forever

So far, this is the only song on the album that I feel is weaker than the others. But I feel unjustified in saying that because this song is still better than any of the over-produced junk food music in the charts today.

7. One

This song is quite beautiful, but it doesn’t really feel like Capaldi. It’s a bit weird and doesn’t feel like it quite fits his voice. That said, it’s still good and enjoyable to listen to.

8. Don’t Get Me Wrong

This song has a lot more movement than the others so far. It’s the only one that I want to nod my head to rather than wipe my tears to. Again, another solid song that showcases his immense talent.

9. Hollywood

This song showcases what it’d be like if Lewis Capaldi did more typical pop/chart music. Not that this song sounds like everything else in the charts. It’s just a lot more upbeat and feels like something maybe Bastille or Take That would sing. I like it very much, though. I really could listen to this entire album on repeat and not get bored.

10. Lost On You

I feel a bit useless at this point because I have exhausted everything I can say about this album. Part of me wants there to be a bad song on it so I can think of something new to say other than, “This is incredible,” but I can’t. This is just great song after great song. What on Earth is Noel Gallagher going on about? Perhaps after 30 years, people will notice patterns in Capaldi’s music like in Oasis’s, but give this guy a chance. It’s so rare that someone this talented actually breaks through and becomes successful.

Give quality and talent a chance over what will sell and get stuck in people’s heads. Please.

11. Fade

Dear Lord what has happened? His voice just knocks it out of the f***ing park every time! This song is so damn good! This album can never reach enough people. Please please please let Lewis Capaldi have a long and successful career that doesn’t require continued radio plays because I don’t want to lose this.

I don’t want him to ever be watered down by sticking to a formula to make money. Please remember, Lewis, how good these songs are and the excitement you had when writing and recording and releasing them. This is the definition of good music.

12. Headspace

This is a really nice conclusion to the album. It’s slow enough to appreciate Capaldi’s voice and also rhythmic enough to not get bored.

Now, where do I buy tickets to his tour?

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