Artist spotlight: SPINN

This Liverpudlian indie band are definitely one of my best Spotify finds this year…

I first came across SPINN when I was going through the fun of dissertation writing earlier this year. I often listened to Spotify’s ‘Dreampop’ playlist when I was in the process of writing coursework (*cries*). After one of my usual listening sessions of the playlist, I came across SPINN’s song ‘Bliss’. I just loved the melodic, jangly guitar (reminiscent of the Smiths) and the soulful vocals in the song.

Soon after I discovered the band, they released their self-titled debut album. I’ve listened to the album several times through and there are a couple of songs that really stood out for me…

‘Is There Something I Missed?’ could definitely earn its place alongside other indie sing-alongs. While ‘Notice Me’ is a melancholic song about unrequited love.

Another standout was ‘Keep Dancing’. What really stood out for me with this song was the melodic bass line and, of course, the jangly guitar.

Finally, ‘Heaven Sent’, the closing track on the album, is the perfect way to close the album due to its acoustic strip-back opening, which builds up to a full-band crescendo.

If you have a few spare moments, give this band a listen; I honestly believe they’re gonna get a whole lot bigger…

Featured image copyright SPINN.

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