Catfish and the Bottlemen: Ranking Their Songs

After listening to Catfish and the Bottlemen’s third album (The Balance); I’m ranking their top ten songs…

10- Kathleen (The Balcony)

I’ve gotta give it to you

You give me problems

The third single from their debut album. The song is about a problematic girlfriend, with McCann once telling Rolling Stone that ”Kathleen is the reason you start drinking”.

9- 2all (The Balance)

They said, “I give my love to all

All the ones that stuck around

The ones I counted on

When I needed to get out”

Released as the third single of The Balance, we find McCann taking a reflective approach lyrically. MusicFeeds analysed it as a love letter to the fans of the band…

8- Overlap (The Balance)

And eventually I know that our paths keep crossing

And your life keeps lapping over me

The closing track from their most recent album was always gonna have to close the album with a bang, due to gargantuan nature of the closing tracks of their first two albums. What is impressive is that ‘Overlap’ has essentially two songs in one, with the chorus and verses having very different tempos and timbre. I guess the name ‘Overlap’ makes sense…

7- Postpone (The Ride)

Postpone it

Tell them life’s got you

Take time off

Tell them someone needs you

As the name suggests; McCann is urging the subject matter to essentially drop everything, as love is more important.

6- Business (The Balcony)

If you’ve been having doubts at all

Then you can come and mess my bed up

And I can change your marital status

As sleazy as Catfish gets. Clearly the song is about one-night stands and casual relationships. The middle 8 of the song turns into a mid-set, extended jam live.

5- Encore (The Balance)

I suppose your life goes the way that it goes

And you’ll notice you get fed up pretty quick these days

One of the album tracks from The Balance; that has become more popular than some of the album’s single releases. Compared to other songs on the album, ‘Encore’ takes a more mellow approach, with McCann urging the subject matter to ‘trust me’.

4- Tyrants (The Balcony)

Tyrants help build us

They won’t mind throwin’ us away

The closing track of the first album is certainly one of the band’s best. The most outstanding part of this song is the outro; every time you think the song is about to end, it kicks back in. This mechanic works really well live, making it the perfect song for Catfish to finish their gigs with.

3- Cocoon (The Balcony)

But fuck it if they talk

Fuck it if they try and get to us

‘Cause I’d rather go blind

Than let you down

Catfish’s ultimate love song. McCann here is reflecting on his significant other’s friends not accepting him. FIFA 15 fans will recognise it as part of the game soundtrack. The music video is also worth a watch, displaying a situation where two lovers cannot be together.

2- 7 (The Ride)

And I’d beg you

But you know I’m never home

And I love you but I need another year alone

Probably the band’s most famous song. The opening track and the second single from The Ride. Named ‘7’ due to the song being about the 7 hour time difference of a long distance relationship with someone in the US.

1- Longshot (The Ride)

Every once in a while, the little things make me smile

As if one of our longshots paid off

One of our longshots paid off

The lead single from The Balance. There isn’t a Catfish song that is more catchy than this. The music video is also worth a watch; as it is entirely filmed in one shot, no coincidence considering the song being called ‘Longshot’.

Featured image copyright: Jill Furmanovsky

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