LSPDFR – Keeping GTA V Alive

When it comes to gaming, there’s one community that’s often overlooked. I’m using GTA V’s LSPDFR mod as an example of how great modders are.

Grand Theft Auto V is approaching its 6th birthday but, despite its age, its community is still very much alive to this day. This is greatly part to the behemoth that is Grand Theft Auto Online, which developers Rockstar Games are constantly adding new content to. GTA V is not the only game with this environment, though. Two of my favourite games, Minecraft and Cities: Skylines, have also been around a while and have new content added to it on a regular basis.

However, if you have a look at Twitch and YouTube, the biggest gaming channels tend not to be showing off the new DLC of those games. They tend, instead, to be doing a review or gameplay of the many, many modifications (or ‘mods’) that have been created for the games unofficially by players.

Taking GTA V as our example, there is a mod called Los Santos Police Department First Response (usually known as LSPDFR). This mod allows you to load up the game and play as a police officer, rather than a criminal.

Image credit

This adds a whole new game mode and is a refreshing way to play the game. Recently, I have become quite obsessed with it and have already invested several hours into getting the damn thing to work.

That’s where the community comes in. Rooting around the internet for instructions on how to install things, set things up and troubleshoot issues, I realised that all of the people responsible for me getting it to function are unpaid and are just doing it for the love of it. This is what is so great about the modding community. Everyone is so keen to get their little experiments out there and for other people to enjoy them. We just want people to have fun.

It really is the modding communities that keep games like GTA V alive. I am constantly coming across people so keen to help each other and spread the word about an amazing new mod that’s just come out.

Image credit YouTube/FirstThirtyMinutes.

Something else that is worth mentioning about LSPDFR in particular is the models. There are people out there who spend hours meticulously crafting these incredible models of vehicles so you can add them to your collection. Did I mention, also, that they do all of this for free? Nobody expects to be paid for any of their work. It is just a community of passionate, creative people who just want everyone to have fun.

Maybe in the next installment in the GTA franchise we’ll actually get a Police Mode. I highly doubt it. Perhaps Rockstar Games should take a leaf out of Cities: Skylines’ book; they have taken mods and made them official updates into the game itself. The modding community have influenced the official developers!

So, next time you are bored of a game, go online and have a look at some of the mods for it. You never know, you might find something game-changing. Or, you might just stumble across a hard-working, creative community who just want you to have fun.

Featured image credit GTANEXT.

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