Flux8 – The Platformer That Keeps On Giving

Generally, I’m not a big fan of platformers, but this game has piqued my interest and I’m starting to love it.

Flux8 has a very simple concept: you play as a little stack of cubes (representing a character) who works in a big laboratory-warehouse style environment and must find the escape exit without falling into a pool of acid. A standard idea for a platformer.

But what really brings this game to life is the mechanics. There are these “beams” strategically placed around the levels that either suck you towards their source or push you away. You can also choose whether or not to be affected by these “beams” at any point by pressing a key. This makes for interesting gameplay and adds a level of physical challenge. Some may find this frustrating, and to that I would agree, but it’s the frustration that keeps you playing. You would get bored if it was too easy. Admittedly, I’d get bored if it was too frustrating, but Flux8 manages to balance it.

Copyright Canalside Studios.

The level building in this game is just beautiful. I mean, look at it! There is so much depth and detail which just draws you in. It gives that “2.5D” feel – somewhere between 2D and 3D. Coupled with the lovely soundtrack, it is just brilliant.

There’s also a little bit of backstory and lore surrounding it, which you are drip fed by videos and voice-acted audio throughout the game. It kind of takes me back to Portal, one of my favourite games of all time.

Definitely recommended!

Featured image Copyright Canalside Studios.

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