Gig Review – Au/Ra @ The Joiners, Southampton

Last night I saw singer Au/Ra at The Joiners in Southampton. She put on a really good show!

You may not have heard of Au/Ra, so let me give you some background. She is from the Caribbean island of Antigua and is the daughter of German producer Torsten Stenzel (who has worked with people like Faithless and Moby).

Before seeing her live last night, I wasn’t that familiar with her musical style. I would describe it as a bit like Billie Eilish except with the depression turned down and the energy turned up. That’s an understatement, really. Her songs are mostly VERY high energy. They’re quite pop-y, for the most part, but she did a version of her hit single ‘Panic Room’ that turned into a pretty hardcore dance track. I felt like I was at a rave!

Not that I’m complaining; I love dance music. In fact, Au/Ra impressed me and I left the room thinking, “There wasn’t a single song in that set that I didn’t enjoy.” It’s quite common, when you see an artist live, that there are one or two songs that you don’t know that well or you’re not that keen on. With Au/Ra, even though I hadn’t really heard much of her music before, I genuinely listened to every song that she sang last night thinking, “I’m gonna go home and add these to my library.”

It was very enjoyable and I can see her breaking records and topping charts later this year even. Please release an album!

Featured image Copyright RCA Records UK.

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