Music Isn’t Getting Worse

I know good music when I hear it. This is why music is still good today…

Before you ridicule me for coming from a different generation and therefore not appreciating “proper music”, let me first say that I was raised on my parent’s music. 60s and 70s rock.

Okay, fair enough, new-age rap and R&B aren’t your cup of tea. With the amount of highly commercial pop music saturating the charts nowadays, it’s easy to understand why people cringe whenever they tune in to chart music radio.

I am a massive music fan. I don’t just mean that I love listening to it, I mean that I am a proper nerd when it comes to music. I would say that at least 90% of my days on Earth have involved me listening to music at some point – the exceptions being when I’ve spent a day stressing about an assignment or had a long day at work and fallen asleep as soon as I’d come home.

You favourite chart music has always been hated by the generation before you. It’s not “proper music” or “how they used to make it”. Of course it’s not how they used to make it. Music moves on. That said, in the last few years I have grown to hate the radio stations I once listened to religiously. Oh no! I’m getting old. If you really hate what’s in the charts because they play it on repeat in every shop and cafĂ© then go and explore some more niche stuff. There is loads of great new music out there which doesn’t all contain two verses, two choruses and a guest appearance from Pitbull or Sean Paul.

Copyright Island Records.

I’m always discovering new and relative unheard music on Spotify and YouTube. If you don’t have Spotify, then you cannot be complaining about the state of the music industry. Go and download it now and get exploring. It is your gateway to better music.

That said, you don’t even have to look away from the charts to find good music. Surprising, I know, but there is actually good music in the charts right now! Don’t tune into a radio station if you want to discover it for yourself. Go onto the Official Charts website and have a listen. There are some incredibly talented artists out there who you may have disregarded because they are “mainstream” or “just another pop artist”.

Music is not getting worse, it’s just the mainstream charts that are becoming more commercialised. It’s clear that pop music nowadays is more and more focused on making money than making good, original music, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t talented people out there in the mainstream who still make music for the love of it.

Happy listening!

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