Bombay Bicycle Club – ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’ – A Retrospective Review

Bombay Bicycle Club are simply geniuses with this genre-defying album.

Bombay Bicycle Club is a band that I had previously not paid much attention to. Sure, I have heard their 2009 classic ‘Always Like This’, but never given them much thought beyond that. That all changed earlier this year when I came across the song ‘Home By Now’, off their 2014 Album ‘Song Long, See You Tomorrow’.

I thought ‘Home By Now’ was a beautiful song, which I have interpreted as a song about waiting on someone to come home to you. I love the interaction between front-man Jack Steadman’s and featured artist, Lucy Rose’s vocals. I therefore thought I should dive into the rest of the album. This album is one of those rare albums that make you regret you hadn’t heard it earlier. It has a wide range of genres going on, from the house-dubstep influenced ‘Carry Me’; to the indie sing-along of ‘Come To’; to the Indian influenced ‘Feel’.

Particular stand-outs from the album include the first track ‘Overdone’ which samples Indian music. ‘Feel’ is similar as it employs a sample from the 1954 Bollywood film, ‘Nagin’. ‘Come To’ is a perfect sing-along that wouldn’t go amiss on a playlist of indie classics. ‘Whenever, Wherever’ starts off as a somber song, with Steadman’s crooning vocals, and then builds to an amazing crescendo finish.

Copyright: Island Records

However the best song off the album, without a doubt is ‘Luna’. The interplay between Steadman’s heartfelt, quavering vocals, with featured artist Rae Morris’ bright voice makes this one of the most uplifting songs I’ve ever heard.

The bad points of the album? Well there is only one negative I can think of, and it is the closing, title track. It’s starts off slow and rather dull, and builds up to a rather discordant end. If it wasn’t for this slight disappointment, I would strongly consider this album as one of the finest indie albums of all time. If history had been different, and the closing track had been replaced by the sun-soaked ‘Lights Out, Words Gone’ or jumpy ‘Shuffle’ from their previous album ‘A Different Kind of Fix’, ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’ would be a perfect album.


Featured image copyright: Island Records

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