A Judoon Platoon Has Arrived Too Soon

With Doctor Who Series 12 pictures finally surfacing, I just want to manage your expectations and remind you not to get excited prematurely.

Remember when you were sitting at home, eagerly transfixed on your TV screen as the BBC One ident faded and we took the first step into Series 11? It was exciting and, for the most part, we got a decent episode and a good introduction to Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor.

Unfortunately, what followed was an absolute shambles of a show. With no consistency in tone, character or plot, a large number (and I’d say the majority) of viewers and Doctor Who fans were disappointed at this supposedly “revamped” version of the show. In fact, I was so put off by it that I did a ranty podcast about it. You can hear it here.

Copyright BBC

I didn’t have a problem with the new characters. In fact, I like them for the most part. One of the main things that enticed me into the series was all new monsters. But when you go and create something as laughable as the “Pting” or an alternate dimension that embodies A FROG then you’re going to lose my respect.

I did think about how Series 11 might’ve been different, had they brought back old monsters, but then we got a New Year’s Special (because they “ran out of ideas” for a Christmas Special) which gave us yet another reinvention of the Daleks. I didn’t mind this episode, apart from the paragraphs of on-the-nose dialogue that sounded like 8-year-old me playing army with my action figures. It was about as meh as I expected for the return of the Daleks under Chibnall’s reign.

This is why I’m issuing a cautionary word after seeing Thirteen face-to-face with an old favourite, the Judoon. I would love to see them return to Doctor Who as their last appearance was a brief encounter in 2015 in Series 9. I’m keeping my hair on, though, as we could just end up with another very flat story that happens to have a fan favourite in.

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