Avengers: Endgame – A disappointment?

The overwhelming adoration surrounding Endgame continues to amaze me. Did that many people actually love this film, or did they just want to love it?


It seems quite appropriate that the first two posts on here concern the biggest and most financially successful film of the year. I watched Endgame in the cinema and my immediate feeling when it ended was that of being underwhelmed, which seems crazy when you consider the scope and scale on which this story was told.

The fact is, I just didn’t think Endgame was that great. While it did deliver in the sense that it provided an extremely fulfilling and exciting fight scene, along with a near perfect send off to the events that Marvel have been building up for such a long period of time, the problem was that this fulfillment barely comprised 1/3 of the film’s run-time.

The big difference between Endgame and its predecessor is that Infinity War didn’t waste and was worth every minute of its run-time. While it was by no means flawless, the majority of what we saw felt purposeful and necessary to drive the plot forward – there was certainly very little filler. The same simply cannot be said for Endgame. Maybe the issue was that around 1/2 of the film was essentially fan service. While I do try to watch all Marvel films, I wouldn’t exactly call myself a huge Marvel fan so this portion of the film (and it was a hefty portion) just didn’t really work for me.

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Some of the plot holes in Endgame just seem so elementary and avoidable that it amazes me nobody noticed them, considering the size of the team working on the MCU.

While I’m not going to get into the finer details concerning time travel, the notion that they only have one chance to go back in time and get the infinity stones seems bizarre. I refuse to believe that nobody would think to go back in time to get more of these particles. While they do end up doing this as a last resort, surely this simple solution would have occurred to somebody before this point?

Moreover, why did Nebula not make the others aware that 2014 Thanos would be on Morag as well? If she’d pointed out that Thanos would be there then maybe more than two of them would’ve been sent to Morag, or maybe Nebula wouldn’t have gone at all, given that Thanos is able to take advantage of this situation in order to set up the final act of the film. Again, this felt like a lazy cop-out from a writing point of view.

Another problem which plagues Endgame is that of deus ex machina. This being a plot device used to resolve a seemingly unresolvable situation. Enter: Captain Marvel. Her fight scene with Thanos just seems so inconsistent. At times, she’s clearly superior to Thanos and at other times, she’s clearly inferior to him. It felt as though she was either weak or strong, depending on what the movie needed her to be. This becomes even worse when you consider that she could just fly into space with the infinity gauntlet at any point. Thanos’s ship is destroyed and he definitely can’t fly so it seems that this would be the most logical thing to do.

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Finally, Tony Stark’s memorial service felt underwhelming – I would’ve loved to see some real emotion from the characters present, instead of them all staring somberly at the ground, looking more bored than sad.

Don’t get me wrong, the third act is incredibly entertaining and the final battle in particular manages to bring back all the characters who died in Infinity War without coming across as blatant fan service. The acting is generally good throughout and the production value is just as superb as you’d expect. I’m by no means arguing that Endgame is a terrible film because it really isn’t. But I certainly don’t see it as the masterpiece which others believe it to be.


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